Dallas Pool Maintenance Services

We provide a variety of swimming pool maintenance services beyond simple cleaning and repairs. Click any of the links below for more information on these special services:

If you need help with any aspect of your swimming pool, please call us at (214) 347-8016, or submit a request on line. At A Better Pool Service, all our work is guaranteed.

Acid Wash

If the interior surface of your pool (the plaster, tile or aggregate finish) is stained or discolored, an Acid Wash may be recommended. This chemical process cleans algae and other substances off the plaster and can have it looking like new in no time.

This service normally requires a drain down of the pool, and must be scheduled in advance.
If your stone or concrete deck has gotten dirty, stained or dingy, we may be able to acid wash that as well.

To schedule an acid wash of your pool interior and/or deck, please call us or submit a request on line.

“Drain down/refill”

Many homeowners don’t realize that in Texas, the water in your swimming pool should be drained and refilled once every 3-5 years. This is due to the build-up of certain chemicals (typically calcium and cyanuric acid), which can only be removed through dilution and complete water replacement.

You can call us to find out whether your pool might be ready for our “drain down” service.

THE PROBLEM: Cyanuric acid is a “stabilizer” that enables the chlorine to stay in your pool longer, and do a better job of sanitizing your pool. It’s one of the chemicals we measure on a regular basis to make sure your pool stays crystal-clear.

However, after a few years, the cyanuric acid will climb above the acceptable range, (typically over 100PPM), and no longer provide a stabilizing effect on your chlorine. If not corrected, your pool will require increasing amounts of chlorine to stay clean. (Ironically, most chlorine contains a small amount of cyanuric acid, which means the more chlorine you add, the worse your problem is going to get.) High cyanuric acid levels can also lead to plaster discoloration, which may require an acid wash or a complete re-plastering of your pool.

In this part of Texas, we tend to have a problem with water hardness also. As water evaporates from your pool, the calcium is left behind. Every time new water is added, you are adding more calcium to your swimming pool. Eventually, the excess calcium will begin to show up as calcium deposits throughout your pool, visibly on your tile, and completely hidden inside your pool equipment. If left unchecked, these deposits can destroy your pump, filter, heater and other equipment.

THE SOLUTION: Fortunately, this problem is easy to correct. We can conduct a drain down of your pool to get your chemicals back in balance where they’re supposed to be. Our technicians will determine whether a partial or complete drain down is recommended. With our special high-speed pump, the entire process usually takes less than a day.
You can call us or submit a request for a quote to find out whether your pool might be ready for our “drain down” service.

Emergency Cleaning Service

Under normal conditions, a well-cared-for swimming pool should never need emergency cleaning services. However, if you have chemical imbalances or faulty equipment, then any pool can “go green” in a hurry, especially in a hot Texas summer. When that happens, you’ll need an expert to respond quickly.

We have extensive experience restoring pools anywhere from “slight cloudiness” to a full-blown swamp. No matter how large or small the job, we’ll be happy to provide a quick estimate free of charge, and get started on the recovery process right away.

In some cases, it may only take a calculated chemical treatment and a filter cleaning & inspection for us to get your water clear again. In more extreme cases, it may be necessary for our technicians to drain the pool, remove leftover debris and algae, and then pressure wash and/or acid wash the entire pool as needed. (Fortunately, for pools that need to be turned around on a tight deadline, we have a heavy duty commercial pump that can discharge as much as 15,000 gallons an hour!) Once the pool has been refilled, we will replenish the chemicals and restore the filters to proper operating conditions.

Call us or submit a request for a quote for any emergency pool cleaning services.

Upgrade Services

Never before have there been so many options to improve the looks and efficiency of your existing swimming pool. In the last 10 years alone, more than a dozen new developments have made swimming pool ownership more enjoyable, less expensive and easier than ever. We have a complete list of time-saving and energy-saving upgrades that are available as upgrades for your swimming pool.

TIME-SAVING UPGRADES: Let Your Pool Care of Itself!
From chemical management to automatic cleaners, new breakthroughs have taken the drudgery out of swimming pool ownership. Check out these options that are available as upgrades to your swimming pool.

Remote Automation

  • Turn on spa, heater, pumps, & lights from anywhere.
  • Monitor and manage chemicals automatically
  • Accessible from anywhere – even your cell phone!

Salt-based chlorine generator

  • Uses plain old salt to create pure chlorine
  • Completely automatic; never handle chlorine again!


  • Sanitizes with pure oxygen
  • Cuts chlorine usage in half

Mineral System

  • Reduces chlorine demands
  • Stabilizes the pool water for weeks at a time
  • Test your chemicals half as often as you used to

Aggregate Interior

  • Stunningly beautiful; many styles to choose from.
  • Lasts twice as long as plaster finishes

Robotic Cleaners

  • Twice as effective and 4 times more reliable than older systems
  • Automatic, every day. The pool always stays clean.

ENERGY-SAVING UPGRADES: “Go Green” And Save Money Too!

The industry has been working hard to develop more cost-efficient pumps, filters, lights, heaters and control systems. With the following upgrades, you can cut your swimming pool’s electricity usage by more than 60%.

Variable speed pump

  • Uses 64% less electricity than single speed pumps.
  • Runs longer at low cost, keeping pool cleaner.
  • Required on all pools by 2011 (FL state law)

High-Capacity, Low Resistance Filter

  • Requires less pressure to filter the water.
  • Lets pump run easily at low-energy setting.

Heat Pump

  • Uses 68% less energy than gas heaters.
  • Some models can also cool the water on extra-hot days.
  • Extends the swimming season for just pennies a day

Filter Cleaning Service

To keep your pool operating properly, your filtration system should be serviced at least twice a year. A Better Pool Service will perform a comprehensive servicing of your filtration system by disassembling and cleaning the unit, examining the system for any defects, and making repairs or replacements as needed. Depending on the type of filtration system, the filter media will be cleaned, replaced, or backwashed as necessary.

In addition to inspecting and cleaning the filtration system, we will also:

  • Check all pump and motor operations, including switches, fasteners, sound levels & running temperature; insure shafts turn freely; confirm proper water pressure & adequate priming
  • Check all valve operations
  • Inspect system for leaks
  • Check robotic cleaner operation
  • Confirm operation and condition of all skimmers, covers and baskets
  • Check heater operation (check for proper firing, pilot light, flame color, burner tray, gas leaks, water flow, thermostat operation, and gas valves and overall cleanliness)
  • Check electrical system, including automatic timer, clock, controller, battery backup, lights, wiring integrity, conduit condition, ground fault interrupter, auto fill system, freeze protection, spa blower and other accessories
  • Confirm operation of all chemical systems including ozone systems, mineral systems and/or salt generator systems
  • Test water pH, chlorine levels, cyanurics, balance, alkalinity & hardness

To schedule a filter cleaning service and pool inspection, please call us or submit a request on line.

Salt Cell Cleaning

The Salt Cell on your automatic chlorine generating system will build up corrosion, and should be serviced preferably on a quarterly basis, but a minimum of twice a year,. When the salt cell develops too much corrosion, the system stops generating chlorine and that often results in an algae outbreak, especially in the months of February through October.

By removing the corrosion, we will extend the life of the cell, and prevent sensor failure and the premature replacement of what turns out to be a pretty expensive item to replace.

Pool Maintenance Training

If you’re new to pool ownership, or not familiar with how to operate all aspects of your swimming pool, then you may want to consider taking advantage of our “Pool School.” Our trained technicians will give you a guided tour through all aspects of swimming pool maintenance, offering you as much detail as you wish.

Typically, homeowners are interested in learning some or all of the following:

  • how to turn pumps, heaters, and other special features on and off
  • how to program the filter, the clock, and other advanced features
  • how to check the chemicals
  • how to adjust the chemicals
  • how to clean and maintain the pool
  • how to check for problems
  • how the entire system works

To schedule a “pool school” training session at your swimming pool, you can call us or submit a request on line.

Drain & Wash Program

If you are experiencing an out of control algae problem, you may want to consider our “Drain & Wash” service. It is always possible to treat an algae problem with chemicals, but at some point it becomes better, faster and cheaper to simply drain the polluted water and start over. That’s because:

  • You probably have a chemical imbalance to start with (which is why the pool the turned green in the first place). If you already have excessive cyanuric acid and/or hardness, then the extensive shocking of the pool may make this problem even worse.
  • Removing excessive algae through the filter will put an excessive strain on the filtration system. It will require frequent (probably daily or more) backwashing of the pool, and constant monitoring of pressure levels. Otherwise, damage to the filter media and/or other components may occur.
  • When the water is green or cloudy, it’s extremely difficult to locate and remove any algae on the plaster surfaces. With the Drain & Wash program, all of the algae can be chlorine washed or acid washed away from all surfaces.
  • The filter system may take three to seven days to remove all the algae. With the Drain & Wash Program, you can have clean, clear water in less than 24 hours.

As part of our Drain & Wash Program, we provide a comprehensive filter cleaning and inspection. This is especially important, because in many cases, it was a failure in the filter media that led to the initial algae problem.

We also include the cost of all start up chemicals for rebalancing the fill water and restoring the pool to a maintenance-ready state.

You can call us or submit a request for a quote to find out whether your pool might be better served with our “Drain & Wash” program.