Swimming pool Services

The small town of Addison in North Dallas encompasses just four square miles of land, but each day, the city’s population of around 13,000 residents swells to more than 100,000. People commute to Addison both for work and for recreation. With more than 170 restaurants and 4,000 hotel rooms, the town is known throughout the Dallas area for its fine dining and hospitality. Addison residents have responded to the city’s active growth with a beautification project that has produced some of the finest parks in the Lone Star State. Homeowners have invested in their own properties too, turning backyards into personal escapes with swimming pools and spas. At A Better Pool Service, we provide Addison swimming pool cleaning, repair and maintenance services necessary to keep pools in the area clean and sparkling.

Scheduled Weekly Pool Cleaning Services

Regular maintenance is an important part of pool ownership in Addison, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend every weekend skimming and cleaning your swimming pool. Enrolling in a weekly pool maintenance plan with A Better Pool Service ensures that your pool is safe and clean to use whenever you like.

Our weekly Addison swimming pool cleaning services keep the water crystal clear and sanitary. From pool water testing and balancing pool chemicals to checking and adjusting the pool cleaner, filter baskets and exterior equipment, we make sure that every component operates safely and efficiently. Our weekly services also extend the service life of your pool and safeguards you against costly swimming pool repairs.

Addison Swimming Pool Repair Services

Whether it’s a faulty pump or an unexpected leak, even a well-maintained pool sometimes needs repair. When you need a swimming pool repair, you can count on the expertise of our highly trained team of technicians for fast and efficient service. Our CPO-certified techs are knowledgeable about every make and model of pool equipment, and our service trucks are stocked with all the tools and gear it takes to get the job done quickly. If your pool needs to be drained to make repairs, our commercial pump makes short work of the task, discharging as many as 15,000 gallons of water per hour.

Enhancing Your Pool with Swimming Pool Upgrades in Addison

As a full-service swimming pool maintenance company, A Better Pool Service offers a wide range of products, services and technologies designed to let you get the most enjoyment from your pool in Addison. Simplify pool operation with a remote-control system that adjusts everything from the heater to the lighting with a touch of your finger. Lower your water heating bills with a high efficiency heat pump. Make your pool the talk of the neighborhood with a stunning new coating and finish. Swimming pool upgrades allow you to reap the full benefits of owning a pool or spa in Addison.

Life in Addison is often hectic, but a shimmering backyard swimming pool offers you relief from the demands of your busy schedule. At A Better Pool Service, we’re dedicated to managing all the swimming pool maintenance, repairs and upgrades you need so that you and your family can relax and enjoy your pool with complete peace of mind. Contact us today at (214) 347-8016 so we can meet all you Addison swimming pool maintenance needs.