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  • Pool care, Dallas swimming pool cleaning, winter pool cover, pool safety cover

    Dallas Swimming Pool Cover Options

    When it comes to swimming pool maintenance in Dallas and surrounding areas throughout the DFW, A Better Pool Service wants to be your helping hand in every aspect of caring for your pool. As you care for your pool during the off season, it is important to choose the swimming pool upgrade accessories that are right for you, your family and your pool. For many pool owners, it can be complicated to choose the best pool cover to suit your needs; you are likely considering all of the factors such as cost, benefits, size, material, durability and safety. No matter…>>Read More

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  • swimming pool upgrades, pool automation, swimming pool service

    Smart Pool Automation Upgrades

    During the swimming off season, typically from October through March, it is the perfect time to have your pool upgrades installed. Waiting until the last minute in mid to early spring could delay your pool opening and throw off your swimming party schedule. During the fall and winter when your Dallas area pool maintenance crew starts their off season service schedule, they also start working on pool upgrades for pool owners throughout the area by providing the latest and greatest in pool automation technology as well as system upgrades and updates. Pool Automation Upgrades With technology at our fingertips that…>>Read More

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  • swimming pool heater installation, gas pool heater,, heat pump pool heater, Dallas pool upgrades

    What Type of Pool Heater Should I Get?

    Buying a home with a swimming pool or having a swimming pool installed at your home is an added luxury as well as an added expense. Pool maintenance in Dallas, including pool cleaning, pool repair and pool upgrades, require a lot of time and can be expensive. Whether you maintain your pool yourself or you have a Dallas pool service company handle it, you still have the expenses of running your pool filtration system, cleaning system and lighting. If you also have a spa or you like to enjoy the luxury of pool ownership even during the cooler months, swimming…>>Read More

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  • pool maintenance, swimming pool cleaning

    Dallas Pool Maintenance in the Fall

    As the kids go back to school, the days start getting shorter and the Texas heat begins to cool down, many of us start using our pools less and less. By the middle of October, you’re likely starting the process of shutting down your swimming pool and putting up the patio furniture and water toys. Swimming pool maintenance in Dallas during the fall and winter can be just as time-consuming of a task as it is during the summer. Because it is important to keep your pool cleaned during the off-season as well, you could benefit from regular Dallas pool…>>Read More

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    How Often Should I Have My Pool Cleaned?

    As a homeowner with a swimming pool, you understand the need for a clean pool, and you have probably asked yourself many times, how often should I have my pool cleaned? A clear sparkling blue pool definitely looks much better than a pool that is cloudy, has debris floating around, or even smells bad. With regular swimming pool cleaning and service from a professional pool maintenance company, you will enjoy and pristine pool year-round. For pool owners in the Dallas area, it is recommended to have your swimming pool cleaning service performed on a weekly basis. Having your cleaning performed…>>Read More

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