Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

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pool service

It’s finally spring and time to pull back the cover on your pool. But don’t jump in just yet! Over the winter season, rain, snow and leaves have gotten into the pool and the water pH is probably not ready… >>Read More

How To Pick a Pool Filter

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Behind every picture-perfect gleaming clear swimming pool is a pool filter. Pool filters are so vital that using the wrong one is just as bad as not using one in the first place. This guide covers the types of swimming… >>Read More

Cleaning Your Pool After Inclement Weather

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Cleaning Pool After Incliment Weather

When you own a pool, it helps to have general knowledge of and healthy respect for the unpredictability of weather and nature. When storms blow branches, leaves and other debris into your pool, knowing how to handle the situation yourself… >>Read More

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

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As the season transitions from winter to spring again, now is the perfect time to empty your swimming pool, do maintenance on it and upgrade it for the coming summer months. Because the North Texas area has had such a… >>Read More

Avoid These Common Pool Care Mistakes

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Relaxing in your pool during a hot summer day, playing water sports with the kids, and inviting friends over for pool parties are just a few of the fun activities your pool provides each year. If you've already had your… >>Read More

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

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Swimming Pool Safety-Children

You care for your pool by maintaining it with regular pool service and cleaning, but a clean pool isn't the only way to keep your family safe. As you get the pool ready for swimming season, you'll want to go… >>Read More

Baby Brain Development and Swimming

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If you already own a backyard swimming pool, you know the benefits cover everything from physical health to mental well-being to aesthetic enjoyment. But did you know that learning to swim helps babies develop their brains? Having fun in your… >>Read More

Why You Should Consider a Solar Pool Cover

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Swimming Pool Cover Solar

When it's time for raking leaves instead of swimming in your backyard pool, you've got a few projects ahead that will keep your pool in good condition during the winter. You also might want to see how a few swimming… >>Read More

How to Fight Depression with Swimming

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Family Swimming Pool

Managing depression feels like a full-time job for some sufferers. However, did you know that swimming in a pool might help reduce the severity of depression? Doctors often recommend engaging in healthy activities like swimming to help treat this debilitating… >>Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool Services

It's much more enjoyable to swim in a pool than it is to perform regular maintenance on it. However, as with most things in your home the work you do today will reduce the need for pool repairs in the… >>Read More

Swimming Pool Upgrades & Maintenance Tips For Winter

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The winter season is a popular time of the year for home maintenance, repairs and upgrades that you might not have had time for during the busy summer months. If you have a swimming pool at you home, it is… >>Read More

When it’s Time for Swimming Pool Repair?

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If your pool started to give you issues this past summer, winter is the best time to address those pesky swimming pool repairs. By having a reliable Dallas pool maintenance company on your side to inspect the problems, you can… >>Read More

Common Hot Tub Heater Repair

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Spa repair, hot tub service

Are you considering installing a spa or hot tub, but aren't sure about the repairs that go along with it? Do you currently own a hot tub and don’t know what parts need to be replaced and when? The first… >>Read More

Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance and Service

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Owning a swimming pool is an added luxury when enjoying the many long months of warm weather that North Texas brings throughout the year. From jumping in to cool off during the hot summer days to having all your best… >>Read More

How To Winterize Your Swimming Pool in Dallas

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Yes, it’s that time of year already. The sun sets earlier, the temperature has dropped, the nights have gotten chili, and we just turned our clocks back. As a Dallas swimming pool owner, these indications of the seasons changing mean… >>Read More

Halloween Pool Party Games

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Halloween pool party, swimming pool cleaning Dallas

With the warm weather, unlike the in the northern areas, Halloween parties in Dallas allow many different and fun activities further than just trick-or-treating for candy, haunted houses and spooking the children with witches and goblins. If you are planning… >>Read More

Halloween Swimming Pool Decorations

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Dallas Halloween pool party, Dallas swimming pool maintenance

Halloween is just a few days away, and if you are planning a party, there are so many ideas for your Dallas Halloween party that you can use for your swimming pool! In Texas, the weather stays warm enough through… >>Read More

Top 3 Swimming Pool Upgrades in Dallas

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Swimming Pool Upgrades

Throughout every industry from fashion to automotive, home appliances to home décor and landscaping to art, trends are continually changing and updating as new ideas are implemented and technology is enhanced. Even in the pool industry, there are popular swimming… >>Read More

Dallas Swimming Pool Cover Options

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Pool care, Dallas swimming pool cleaning, winter pool cover, pool safety cover

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance in Dallas and surrounding areas throughout the DFW, A Better Pool Service wants to be your helping hand in every aspect of caring for your pool. As you care for your pool during… >>Read More

Smart Pool Automation Upgrades

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swimming pool upgrades, pool automation, swimming pool service

During the swimming off season, typically from October through March, it is the perfect time to have your pool upgrades installed. Waiting until the last minute in mid to early spring could delay your pool opening and throw off your… >>Read More

What Type of Pool Heater Should I Get?

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swimming pool heater installation, gas pool heater,, heat pump pool heater, Dallas pool upgrades

Buying a home with a swimming pool or having a swimming pool installed at your home is an added luxury as well as an added expense. Pool maintenance in Dallas, including pool cleaning, pool repair and pool upgrades, require a… >>Read More

Dallas Pool Maintenance in the Fall

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pool maintenance

As the kids go back to school, the days start getting shorter and the Texas heat begins to cool down, many of us start using our pools less and less. By the middle of October, you’re likely starting the process… >>Read More

How Often Should I Have My Pool Cleaned?

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As a homeowner with a swimming pool, you understand the need for a clean pool, and you have probably asked yourself many times, how often should I have my pool cleaned? A clear sparkling blue pool definitely looks much better… >>Read More

Swimming Pool Drain and Wash Services for Your Dallas-Area Home!

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Our Dallas Swimming Pool Drain and Wash Services Program Many homeowners don't realize that in Dallas - Fort Worth, the water in your swimming pool should be drained and refilled once every 3-5 years. This is due to the build-up… >>Read More

Swimming Pool Upgrade Options

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With all the latest technology, there are numerous options and reasons to upgrade your swimming pool. Maybe you've had your pool for many years and you want upgrade your backyard oasis with the most up-to-date features and equipment. Perhaps you've… >>Read More