Common Hot Tub Heater Repair

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Are you considering installing a spa or hot tub, but aren’t sure about the repairs that go along with it? Do you currently own a hot tub and don’t know what parts need to be replaced and when?

The first clue when needing a hot tub heater repair is the water temperature. If your hot tub starts to become a cool tub, what should you look at first, besides a clean hot tub filter, good water level and an operating pump?

There are many components that contribute to an electric hot tub heater repair.

  • Flow Switch is the part that tells the heater that there is enough water flow into the heating element and is safe to give power to the heater element. It has two wires that connect to the control panel and it senses the flow of water that goes through; the flow switch can get stuck by either opening when it should be closed or closing when it should be open. If you have a common issue like wire shortages or loose connections, you can isolate the flow switch from the circuit to determine if it is the source of the problem. By removing it from the circuit and bypassing the current to see if the hot tub heater operates without the flow switch, and it does work, then replace it.
  • Heater Elements, which are wire filaments that are wrapped in insulating powder surrounded by a sheath, are located in the heating chamber. When properly connected, the power leads connect to the element and should heat the element which heats the hot tub water. An OHM meter is used to test the heater element for a short circuit. When testing, test on the lowest setting, then measure the resistance of the terminals; an infinite reading on the meter indicates there is no continuity to ground, which is the reading that you want; if you do not receive that, then there is likely an issue with the heater elements.
  • Thermostats for hot tubs are also an important component that can cause issues. In older hot tubs or spas, the thermostat comes as a manual part. It can be easily turned on by turning a knob, but some systems require an Allen key to turn. Check the thermostat to see if it is set on the correct temperature, but be sure not to turn it above 104 degrees. If you own a newer model hot tub, it is likely that it uses electric potentiometers to control the temperature from the circuit board. If the thermostat is reading a different temp from that of the actual water temp, then it may be time to replace the thermostat or consult a professional regarding certain settings for you hot tub.

Hot tub repair, hot tub part replacement

Additional Spa and Hot Tub Part Replacement

There are many working parts and components that operate a hot tub including heater unions that have to do with leaking problems, the Hi-Limit switch that works as the temperature sensors, the contactor that regulates voltage and much more. If you can narrow down the issue or broken part, you could save yourself a lot of time and headache.

If you need help with any hot tub heater repair in Dallas, contact us today!

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When it comes to inspecting and maintaining pool and spa functionality, A Better Pool Service has the professional staff and experience your hot tub needs to be kept in fine working order.

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