How to Fight Depression with Swimming

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Family Swimming Pool

Managing depression feels like a full-time job for some sufferers. However, did you know that swimming in a pool might help reduce the severity of depression? Doctors often recommend engaging in healthy activities like swimming to help treat this debilitating mental illness.

If you, a friend or one of your family members suffers from depression and you have access to a swimming pool, now might be the time to schedule pool cleaning and maintenance to take advantage of your pool’s healing and restorative benefits.

Recognizing Depression

On occasion, everyone experiences feelings of sadness, but those who suffer from depression actually experience physical pain when their illness is left untreated. Doctors commonly prescribe medication and psychotherapy to help people cope with depression.

Medication helps restore proper chemical balance in the brain, and therapy teaches a patient how to cope with his or her illness. Depression may occur after an accident or traumatic event, such as the passing of a loved one.

In addition to the physical symptoms of depression, which may include insomnia, agitation, or changes in weight, depression may also cause suffers to have suicidal thoughts or even act upon those feelings.

Why Swimming Helps Mentally & PhysicallyHealth and Swimming

Aerobic exercise helps reduce the physical and mental impact of depression. The brain remains a complicated piece of anatomy, but one thing scientists understand is that exercise stimulates special chemicals in the brain such as endorphins. Activity also boosts the power of “neurotransmitters,” which help us deal with stress and anxiety.

One of the reasons why swimming is so incredibly beneficial is because it improves the body both physiologically and mentally. Spending a half hour in the morning swimming laps releases endorphins, which are the brain compounds that help make you feel happy.

Further, an issue of “Swimmer” magazine suggests that swimming could even help foster the growth of new brain cells, as well as help the body absorb and neutralize stress hormones. Like a relaxing afternoon cup of tea, a regular date with the pool could help someone suffering from depression find consistency and relaxation in a stressful life.

Beyond Depression

Swimming is an amazing fitness tool and offers proven therapeutic benefits, but there are many more reasons you’ll want to make an appointment with A Better Pool Service to get pool upgrades and repairs handled.

Eldery SwimmingYour backyard swimming pool is an amazing tool for socializing with friends. If you have an elderly parent or friend who doesn’t get out much, a swim in your pool might be just the thing to boost mood and offer a low-impact type of exercise.

Additionally, swimming is an amazing tool for improving your physical conditioning. In addition to burning calories, swimming also helps with flexibility, balance, and endurance.

The benefits of your backyard swimming pool are immeasurable when you consider the benefits to your mental and physical health. A clean and well-maintained pool will inspire you to improve your health and mind with a daily swim. Arrange regular swimming pool cleaning to make sure your backyard pool remains enjoyable throughout the season.

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