Smart Pool Automation Upgrades

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During the swimming off season, typically from October through March, it is the perfect time to have your pool upgrades installed. Waiting until the last minute in mid to early spring could delay your pool opening and throw off your swimming party schedule. During the fall and winter when your Dallas area pool maintenance crew starts their off season service schedule, they also start working on pool upgrades for pool owners throughout the area by providing the latest and greatest in pool automation technology as well as system upgrades and updates.

Pool Automation Upgrades

With technology at our fingertips that can remotely control our cable and satellite televisions, our vehicles and vehicle maintenance and our thermostat and energy use in our homes, we should be able to remotely control our pool filtration and settings as well. Well, now you can! Whether you have a pool at your residence in Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, or anywhere in the Dallas area, A Better Pool Service can provide pool upgrades that allow you to remotely control your pool system and settings with smartphone pool automation control. If you are hosting a pool party at your home and as you are on your way back from the store, there is no worry that you forgot to turn on the new LED lights or check the chemicals; you can pull up your pool automation app right on your Apple iPhone or Android powered smartphone and turn in on and check the settings. If you chose to add a heat pump as one of your recent pool upgrades, you are not only saving nearly 70 percent in energy costs over gas heaters, but you can also turn on the heat pump remotely from your smartphone when you are away so that your swimming pool is warmed up and ready to jump in by the time you get home.

Smart Pool Upgrades in Dallas

As life gets busier and busier, and more and more expensive, we are all continuously looking for ways to save time and money. The pool industry continues to develop more cost-efficient pool systems and equipment. From variable speed pumps that use 64 percent less electricity than single speed pumps and can keep your pool cleaner than ever before to robotic cleaners that are two times more effective and four times more reliable than older systems to heat pumps that use 68 percent less energy than gas to LED lighting that lasts 10 times longer and saves 86 percent in electricity than old bulbs, as a proud pool owner upgrading your pool in Dallas with the latest technology is a smart way to save time and money. As you consider all the time and cost savings, you shouldn’t be asking yourself why, but you should ask yourself when. The time is now! While the temperature drops and you start getting your pool ready for the off season, have your Dallas pool upgrade experts come out and provide you with all the pool upgrades and options available. All the smart pool upgrades available will not only save you thousands in energy costs, but each one will save you time, especially if you choose the smartphone pool automation upgrades. Get all of your questions answered and free swimming pool upgrades quote today from A Better Pool Service!

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