Top 3 Swimming Pool Upgrades in Dallas

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Swimming Pool Upgrades

Throughout every industry from fashion to automotive, home appliances to home décor and landscaping to art, trends are continually changing and updating as new ideas are implemented and technology is enhanced. Even in the pool industry, there are popular swimming pool upgrades in the Dallas area that are more popular than others. For 2014, the top 3 swimming pool upgrades in Dallas Texas and throughout the majority of the country consist of swimming pool lighting, salt water chlorinators and security covers.

Swimming Pool Lighting Upgrade

As the technology of lighting, specifically LED lighting, continues to be enhanced in many industries like automotive and residential, it has now trickled down to the swimming pool industry. LED lighting is much more efficient that traditional incandescent bulb or even fluorescent bulb lighting; it costs significantly less in energy costs to operate and the bulbs last significantly longer which reduces your pool maintenance costs when having to replace them. If you already have lighting in your pool, you understand how unique it looks to have your pool light up at night. When pool owners compare the cost of upgrading their pool lighting to other pool upgrades to enhance their swimming pool, LED pool lighting offers the best bang for their buck. With a Dallas swimming pool upgrade to LED lighting from A better Pool Service, we can update your lights with LED bulbs that allow you to change the light colors with a remote control. The lights that we upgrade your pool with have a life expectancy of approximately 10,000 hours, which would last well over 10 years before they would need to be replaced.

Salt Water Chlorination Upgrade

Many pool owners have begun to discover the beauty of converting their traditional chlorine pool to salt water chlorination because it provides exceptional water quality without the strong odor. While it is still a chlorine pool, the machine upgrade simply converts salt into chlorine in a way that the harsh chemical smell and eye irritation associated with chlorine no longer exist. The additional advantage of upgrading your pool to salt water is the much lower maintenance it requires; maintaining chlorine levels in your pool is achieved by simply adding four to eight bags of granular salt directly into the pool each season. The salt is available for purchase at most retail stores that sell pool chemicals; the salt is typically sold in 40 pound bags and is about $10 to $15 per bag. With your existing Dallas swimming pool service from A better Pool Service, our experts will still test and monitor your chemicals regularly to ensure your pool is chemically balanced and safe for use.

Pool Security Cover Upgrade

Swimming pool safety is very important and should be top priority as a pool owner, especially if you have young children around. Since accidents do happen, many pool owners are choosing pool security covers as their top swimming pool upgrades in Dallas. Pool security covers are designed to protect children, pets or anyone from falling into the pool when it is not in use; they also help keep debris out of the pool during the off season as well as reduce your pool maintenance greatly during the fall and winter months. Pool security covers are a smart investment for pool owners to keep their family and friends safe and reduce their pool maintenance in Dallas.

From technology to maintenance to safety, A Better Pool Service can assist you will all of your swimming pool upgrades in Dallas and the surrounding area. The best time to have your upgrades installed is now, during the fall and winter months when your pool usage is at a minimum during the off season.

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