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Cleaning Pool After Incliment Weather

Cleaning Your Pool After Inclement Weather

When you own a pool, it helps to have general knowledge of and healthy respect for the unpredictability of weather and nature. When storms blow branches, leaves and other debris into your pool, knowing how to handle the situation yourself can be both efficient and cost-effective. Time can sometimes be a concern, as after a storm, you’ll want to prevent algae growth by adding chlorine to the pool as soon as possible. Of course, the pool technicians at A Better Pool Service can restore your pool to its previous glory after any winter storm or other inclement weather.

List of Pool Cleaning Supplies

If you’re new to owning a pool, you’ll want to gather some general supplies. Remember, while tedious, maintaining your pool has its benefits. Though you’ll have to make an initial investment with the supplies, you’ll save money in the long run. Gather these supplies:

  • Telescopic pole
  • Leaf net or skimmer
  • Pool brush
  • Vac head and hose
  • Pool chemicals
  • Water tests

Balanced water chemistry is the goal of proper pool maintenance, and a weekly routine helps with that. Designate one day every week to clean the pool during seasons of high use, and up to two days per month during seasons of low to medium use. You’ll learn how to balance, chlorinate, and shock your pool and add algaecide. First, remove large pieces of debris from your pool. If a storm knocked large branches and poolside furniture into the water, remove these before starting.

Balance It Out

A properly balanced pool has the right pH level, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity levels. Maintaining these levels at least monthly means a beautifully balanced pool ready to welcome you and your family. Balancing the chemicals in your pool helps protect your metal equipment and plaster surfaces and accessories from etching and corrosion.

Additionally, keeping a clean, perfectly balanced pool prevents eye and skin irritation and cloudy water, and saves pool equipment from scale formation and stains.


Not sure how to test your pool’s water? Don’t feel like doing maintenance on your pool? Call A Better Pool Service at (214) 347-8016. We’ll get your pool up to specs.


Find out which chemicals are off [by testing the water.] Make sure your water tests are of good quality that checks and helps you track pH levels, chlorine, and total alkalinity.

Chlorinate Your Pool

For proper sanitation, your pool’s chlorine level should consistently fall in the 1 to 4 parts per million (ppm) range. This range ensures that your pool is clean and safe from bacteria and algae. There are many options you can take to properly chlorinate your pool. You can try slow-dissolving chlorinating tablets, which have a stabilizer to protect the chlorine from burning off in the sun. Chlorinating tablets work best when dropped into a skimmer, floating dispenser or automatic chlorinator.

Pool CleaningSimilar to household bleach, you could also use liquid chlorine. While it is an effective sanitizer and easy to use, be sure and get the proper amount for your pool, as it has a very low shelf life compared to other products. If your pool is seeing high use, and you’re cleaning it weekly, you should be able to carry the leftover liquid chlorine to the next treatment, as you can only store it for a few weeks at most.

For a do-it-all-at-once solution, try chlorinating granules. These products can perform several pool maintenance tasks at once. While they vary from brand to brand, chlorinating granules shock, chlorinate and kill algae with a daily application.

Shock It!

When chlorine enters a pool, it bonds with ammonia and nitrogen compounds to help clean the pool. The dirtier the pool is, the lower the amount of free chlorine available. Shocking your pool increases the amount of unused chlorine in your already chlorinated pool. Shock your pool every week to rid it of contaminants that cause odor, cloudy water and skin and eye irritation.

There are two types of shock products for proper pool maintenance. Basic shock products kill bacteria and help disintegrate cosmetics like suntan lotions, sweat, deodorants and other swimmer byproducts that the pool’s filter can’t handle. Basic shock products keep your pool clear and reduces eye irritation.

Much like its name suggests, multifunctional shock products do more than the bare minimum of basic shock products. They destroy swimmer byproducts and bacteria while balancing pH levels, aiding filtration, and further protecting your pool against algae. What’s more, multifunctional shock treatments do all this work extra fast, some of which work effectively after only 15 minutes.

Add Algaecide

Algae are microscopic plants that can grow fast and quickly destabilize the balance of your pool, clog filters and reduce the effectiveness of your pool chemicals. Prevention is key, since an algae infestation can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to control and remove. Algaecides help keep algae from taking over your pool by stunting its growth as soon as applied. Some algaecides kill multiple types of algae and keep them from returning with regular (read: weekly) applications. If you’re properly testing your water at least monthly, you’ll be able to tell when algae is on the rise. Catch an algae outbreak before it becomes a bigger issue with algaecides.

Leaf Net

In this last step, get out your pole and leaf net and get ready to work your arms. Skim debris out of the pool on a daily basis, especially when the pool use is high and in season. The first time doing this might prove to be the most difficult, as you get used to using the pole and fishing debris out of the pool. The more you do it, the easier it’ll be and the faster you’ll finish this task. Clean skimmer baskets once you’re done.pool cleaning dallas

Next, hook up your vacuum and use the brush ends to scrub the walls and floor. Use pool manufacturer recommendations for pool cleaners and brushes. Begin at the shallow end and move onto the deep end, overlapping each stroke during the vacuuming and brushing process. Make sure the vacuum head stays underwater and brush thoroughly, then hose down the pool area once you’re done. Be sure to direct the hose spray away from the pool to prevent runoff.

Repeat this process at least twice a month for the cleanest, clearest, most balanced pool that will incite jealousy from your neighbors, especially the ones without a pool. Don’t feel like doing all this yourself? Call A Better Pool Service. We can schedule weekly or monthly pool maintenance so you don’t have to do all the work yourself. We’ll have your pool clear, blue and perfectly balanced all year long.

When inclement weather hits your town, it can leave your backyard and pool area in a total shambles. Branches, leaves and other runoff are a breeding grounds for algae infestations that can turn your pool green and unswimmable. Learning how to maintain your pool will help ensure that you can have as many swim days this summer as possible.

pool cleaning dallas

Avoid These Common Pool Care Mistakes

Relaxing in your pool during a hot summer day, playing water sports with the kids, and inviting friends over for pool parties are just a few of the fun activities your pool provides each year. If you’ve already had your pool a few seasons, you know it’s important to maintain regular swimming pool service and keep up with the pool cleaning each year.

However, you might be making some mistakes that are aging your pool too fast and making it more likely you’ll require unexpected pool repairs. With the right care, your pool will last decades, but not if you make the following common mistakes.

1. Not running the pool pump enough

There’s no denying that a backyard swimming pool will increase the cost of your utilities, but there are a variety of ways to reduce your electricity and water costs when you have a pool. However, some pool owners take this idea a little too far and don’t run the swimming pool pump enough.

You might find that your pool is growing more algae than usual. Not running your swimming pool pump as a way to save money could actually result in an increase in the need for pool chemicals. Run your pump about seven or eight hours a day for a clean pool, and call A Better Pool Service if you find your pump isn’t cleaning the pool even when you run it.

2. Population in the pool is too high

Inviting the neighborhood kids over for the afternoon creates a fun and boisterous atmosphere in the backyard, but your pool probably can’t handle big pool parties every day. With each extra swimmer in your pool, you need to use more chemicals to keep the water balanced and clear.

If you’re likely enjoy your pool with friends this season, consider letting your pool service technician know. He or she can help you get the level of chemicals in your pool at the correct level for optimum clarity.

3. Foreign objects frequent your pool water

How many internet videos have you seen and enjoyed of a dog frolicking in a swimming pool like it’s a recreational fishing hole? Although dogs adore the water, and you love seeing the family pet play around in the pool, excessive dog hair is a filter killer.

Even if you’re willing to schedule extra swimming pool cleaning visits to accommodate your swimming pooch, you’ll need to clean your filter and skimmer basket frequently to prevent the eventual destruction of the filter. You may also think about pool upgrades like a sturdier filter if you feel you’re asking too much of your current filter.

4. Improper use of chemicals

If your pool develops a chemical imbalance and you find you need to use an algaecide to clear the water, you’ll need to adjust your chlorine levels to compensate. A good rule of thumb is to increase the chlorine level prior to adding the algaecide so as to maintain enough chlorine post-application.

Pool care mistakes are common because they’re not immediately obvious to the average pool owner. You’ve budgeted the cost of your backyard pool, but don’t forget to budget time to learn about caring for it, too.

Swimming Pool Cover Solar

Why You Should Consider a Solar Pool Cover

When it’s time for raking leaves instead of swimming in your backyard pool, you’ve got a few projects ahead that will keep your pool in good condition during the winter. You also might want to see how a few swimming pool upgrades may help make your pool more comfortable well into the colder months. One project you’ll want to consider is the installation of a solar pool cover.

Benefits of a Solar Pool Cover

One of the best reasons to invest in a solar pool cover is the energy savings you’ll enjoy when you reduce evaporation and heat loss from your pool. Your backyard swimming pool is a source of enjoyment in the summer, but there’s no reason to stop using your pool when the temperatures start to get a little chilly.

Some of the benefits of installing a solar pool cover include:

Solar Pool Cover

A Better Pool Service is here to help with your Solar Pool Cover installation & care.

  • Reducing the cost of pool chemicals
  • Lowers pool service and maintenance costs over time
  • Reducing water used to fill the pool
  • Captures free heat from the sun
  • Helps reduce swimming pool cleaning costs

Sometimes called a “bubble” cover, solar pool covers look much like the bubble wrap you might use to keep fragile items safe in the mail. They also feature special construction and thicker plastic to ensure they can withstand UV rays.

Wasted Energy from Your Pool

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), swimming pools lose the majority of their energy through evaporation. Characteristics that impact the rate of evaporation include humidity and air temperature, as well as wind speed at the surface of the pool.

Installing pool upgrades like a swimming pool cover helps reduce evaporation for pools located indoors and outdoors. In addition, covering your pool when it’s not in use during the off-season helps reduce wear and tear and the need for pool repairs come spring.

The National Weather Service says the drought is in its 5th year, and that some of the most impacted areas are around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Conserving water is a responsibility of every homeowner in a drought-stricken area.

Remember: Solar pool covers aren’t meant to keep your pool or its users safe. A solar pool cover is a device that should always be used and maintained by an adult. Never assume small children are safe without supervision because a solar pool cover is in use.


Questions or need assistance with your swimming pool maintenance including a cover? Contact A Better Pool Service today!


When to Replace Your Swimming Pool Cover

Pool care, Dallas swimming pool cleaning, winter pool cover, pool safety coverSolar pool covers don’t last forever; however, they don’t require incredible investment. The easiest way to tell whether your pool cover needs replacement is when the special bubbles start to fall off or the plastic begins to degrade.

Even if you need to replace your solar pool cover every few years you’ll still save money in the long run on the costs associated with heating your pool. You’ll also save water by reducing your pool’s rate of evaporation.

A Better Pool Service can help you choose a solar pool cover to best fit your needs. You’ll enjoy lowering your electricity bills and water costs with this simple and inexpensive enhancement for your pool.

Swimming pool Services

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Swimming Pool

It’s much more enjoyable to swim in a pool than it is to perform regular maintenance on it. However, as with most things in your home the work you do today will reduce the need for pool repairs in the future. With the New Year in full swing, it’s the perfect time to make a resolution to perform regular maintenance and ensure your pool is a beautiful and sparkling place to swim.

Your Pool Maintenance & Chemistry Expert

On each visit, your swimming pool service expert will test the chemicals in your pool to ensure the right pH balance. You’ll also want to understand how to perform these tests on your own to keep your pool clear and fresh between visits. Bringing a pool back from an imbalanced chemical state can become a costly project, and it makes pool cleaning difficult.Swimming Pool Maintenance

Enhance the functionality of your pool’s filter system with regular testing. Take a lesson or two on how to test the chemicals in your pool, so you can maintain good pool chemistry at all times. You’ll even save money on chlorine in the long run, as well as extend the lifespan of your pool equipment.

Boost Pool Safety

Nobody wants to consider their pool dangerous, but sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of pool safety. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ten people die each day from accidental drowning, and some of those deaths occur in family swimming pools. Unfortunately, home pools represent a danger if you don’t keep up with pool maintenance.Swimming pool maintenance cost

Pool upgrades you’ll want to buy may include safety covers, alarms, and fencing. In addition, you’ll want A Better Pool Service to inspect existing systems like the pool lights to ensure functionality of the electrical system and pool equipment. Finally, if you have children living at home, a refresher course on pool safety is never a bad idea, particularly when it’s time to remove the winter pool cover and enjoy your pool again.

Swimming Pool Upgrades That Will Restore Its Original Beauty

Over time, the need for swimming pool repair is all but inevitable even if you perform dedicated maintenance. However, small issues like a worn pool liner or a weak filter may eventually prove rather costly if you ignore them. A little leak in your pool today could turn into gallons upon gallons of wasted water, which is particularly stressful in the drought-stricken areas of Texas.

One of the best reasons to make a New Year’s appointment for pool service and repair is that it might be possible to take advantage of sales or clearances on equipment during the slow season. When the summer arrives, those sales will disappear, and clearance racks will empty.

Hopefully, you already have regularly scheduled swimming pool cleaning to maintain the clarity and appearance of your pool. However, if you’ve been neglectful, now’s the time to get ahead of any problems that could make your space unusable this summer. Don’t risk starting summer with a dirty pool or a broken filter. Make a New Year’s resolution to keep up with your pool’s care and maintenance.

When it’s Time for Swimming Pool Repair?

If your pool started to give you issues this past summer, winter is the best time to address those pesky swimming pool repairs. By having a reliable Dallas pool maintenance company on your side to inspect the problems, you can get everything taken care of during the off season so you backyard oasis will be back up and running in the spring.

From pool filtration equipment and filter part replacement to swimming pool lighting and pool crack repair, A Better Pool Service works year round to help homeowners keep their pool up to par so they can enjoy the luxuries of pool ownership. Our pool services have helped many Dallas area residents prevent costly pool repairs that typically occur from neglecting the smaller issues.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Service in Dallas, Carrollton and Surrounding Areas

With our swimming pool cleaning services, we also provide maintenance care; our expert pool technicians will not only clean your pool, but they will also check out all the equipment and parts to make sure they are operating properly. Even during the colder months of the year your pool needs necessary maintenance to keep it in working order.

  • We will check and clean the pool skimmers for debris and make sure all the parts are working properly. If you do not have a pool cover during the off season, we will clean the surface in and around the pool area.
  • As the temperature drops the filtration of your pool can be decreased; we can change the settings of your pool filter and pumps down to only 4 to 6 hours per day, which will also reduce your energy costs during the winter.
  • During the off season it is still important to keep up with your swimming pool chemicals. While you do not need to treat your pool as frequently, it is still important to check the pool chemistry at least once a week during both the fall and winter; your pool’s finish and equipment can be damaged if the pool chemicals are imbalanced.
  • Pool repairs will be addressed to you as we inspect your pool on a regular basis; this will prevent major repairs in the future and will save you hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

Pool Equipment Repair Expertsswimming-pool-repair

Or technicians are highly trained to perform maintenance and repair on all types and brands of pool equipment. They are skilled on all the major brands of pool equipment including Aquapure, Aqua Link, Compool, Ecosmarte, King Technology/Frog Systems, Laars Heaters, PACFAB, Plaris, Purex, Zodiac and many more. No matter how old, new, or type of equipment, our experts can handle it!

If you are having issues with any component of your swimming pool equipment, please contact us immediately at (214) 347-8016 or submit a request with our online form.

A Better Pool Service is here for all your pool repair and maintenance needs!

Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance and Service

Owning a swimming pool is an added luxury when enjoying the many long months of warm weather that North Texas brings throughout the year. From jumping in to cool off during the hot summer days to having all your best buddies over for a pool party, you’ll want your pool to be sparkling clean every time you jump up. With proper, professional Dallas swimming pool maintenance, your pool will be clean and inviting all year long.

Swimming Pool Cleaning in Dallas

A Better Pool Service can help you maintain your pool with regular cleaning services. There are many steps in the pool cleaning process that are required to be performed regularly to keep your pool crystal clear. We provide cleaning service on a weekly basis; we will come out to your home to take care of all your pool needs to keep it clean on a predetermined day of the week.

dallas swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool maintenance cost

A Better Pool Service Weekly Pool Cleaning will provide you pool with the following:

  • Skim pool surface and remove debris
  • Brush and clean tile around the pool and connected spa as needed
  • Check and empty automatic pool cleaner system
  • Empty filter and skimmer baskets
  • Vacuum or use leaf master in pool when necessary
  • Inspect filter pressure; backwash filter and add Diatomaceous Earth when needed
  • Inspect and adjust exterior pool equipment to ensure proper operation
  • Check and make note of any leaks or other potential issues
  • Test pool chemicals and adjust chemical balances when necessary (all regular chemicals included in service)

Our weekly cleaning service also includes all the normal chemicals necessary for proper sanitization and pH levels as well as alkalinity control.

Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost

For all of the pool cleaning services provided to you on a weekly basis, we have plans that start at $125.00 per month. You will never have to concern yourself with chemical storage either; our cleaning technicians will bring them at each visit.

Swimming pool maintenance cost

For those who prefer to handle their own pool maintenance and cleaning, we also provide chemicals-only services. Pool chemicals are difficult to manage at times and many pool owners don’t like to keep the chemicals at their home when they have children and pets around. Therefore, our expert pool technicians will bring all the chemicals each week for your chemical service. You can get our weekly Chemicals Only service starting at only $70.00 per month.

Whether you need regular pool maintenance for your swimming pool and spa cleaning or you just need an experienced pool tech to maintain pool chemicals for you each week, you can rely on A Better Pool Service in Dallas, Carrollton and surrounding areas. Contact us to get your weekly pool maintenance service started; we will come out and provide you a free, no obligation price quote!

pool maintenance

Dallas Pool Maintenance in the Fall

As the kids go back to school, the days start getting shorter and the Texas heat begins to cool down, many of us start using our pools less and less. By the middle of October, you’re likely starting the process of shutting down your swimming pool and putting up the patio furniture and water toys. Swimming pool maintenance in Dallas during the fall and winter can be just as time-consuming of a task as it is during the summer. Because it is important to keep your pool cleaned during the off-season as well, you could benefit from regular Dallas pool maintenance during the fall and winter.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Throughout North Texas, including the Dallas area, the temperatures can fluctuate very frequently, which can cause many parts of nature to collect in your pool. Especially during the fall, it is important to check the skimmers about twice a week for fallen leaves, small branches, dead grass, and other debris that may have blown into your swimming pool. Be sure to keep your filtration system running, because a continuous flow of water is necessary for proper functionality of the pool filters and cleaning system; also, without continuous of water, staining can occur at the water line of the pool wall and when leaves and debris settle to the bottom, they will cause unsightly stains on the pool floor.

Off Season Pool Filter & Pump Needs

Once the temperature starts to drop and your pool is used less often, the filtration and pump operation needs decrease. Unlike during the summer time when the water is warm and you and your family are spending more time in the pool which requires the filtration system to run for 10 to 12 hours a day, during the cooler months of the year you should reduce your filter run time down to 4 to 6 hours per day. After the leaves have all fell during autumn and early winter, you also can reduce your filter cleaning frequency as well. But, if you leave your pool uncovered it is still important to check and clean the filter regularly, especially after a big rain or snow storm. Even if you do not clean your pool filters yourself, it is still recommended to check them in between cleanings; you can have your Dallas pool maintenance company show you the proper steps to inspecting the pool filter if you do not already know how. The temperature drop reduces the amount of pool chemicals you need to add as well, but it is still important to check your pool chemistry at least one time per week during the off season.

A Better Pool Service Dallas

With A Better Pool Service, all of your Dallas pool maintenance tasks can be handled by swimming pool cleaning experts. We offer weekly pool cleaning services at low monthly rates that also cater to pool maintenance in the fall and throughout the entire off season. Instead of worrying about when you checked the filter last, how much/ how often your pool needs chemical treatment, or changing the settings on the filtration system, just leave your Dallas pool cleaning concerns with the pros at A Better Pool Service. If you’re not sure, contact us; we will be happy to provide you with a swimming pool cleaning and maintenance quote.

pool cleaning dallas

How Often Should I Have My Pool Cleaned?

As a homeowner with a swimming pool, you understand the need for a clean pool, and you have probably asked yourself many times, how often should I have my pool cleaned? A clear sparkling blue pool definitely looks much better than a pool that is cloudy, has debris floating around, or even smells bad. With regular swimming pool cleaning and service from a professional pool maintenance company, you will enjoy and pristine pool year-round.

For pool owners in the Dallas area, it is recommended to have your swimming pool cleaning service performed on a weekly basis. Having your cleaning performed weekly keeps your pool safe, clean, and properly functioning. It can also help prevent future repairs which could be very costly. A pool that is not cleaned regularly can also be a health hazard; to keep your friends and family safe you pool must be cleaned properly and during that cleaning, a pool cleaning provider, like A Better Pool Service, will check the chemical levels and pH balance to make sure they are balanced for healthy swimming.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Vacuuming

Residential pools often gather dust, dirt, chemical deposits, and solid fragments blown over by strong wind. Specifically, if your home and pool area is surrounded by a lot of trees, you will see rotten or dry leaves collecting on the floor of the pool. To remove the regular buildup of dust, dirt, and fallen leaves or fragments, a high-powered pool vacuum cleaner will need to be used during your pool cleaning service. Often, brand-new vacuum cleaners end up being a source of the problem to owners, however with service from pool cleaning company, you will receive professional grade vacuuming of your pool on a regular basis, which will keep it sparkling and looking new.

Cleaning the Tile Around your Pool

You probably notice dirt, grime, and calcium deposits build up at the water line around your pool. As this happens, it is good to clean the tile surfaces all around your pool with a gentle cleaner. To do this yourself, you can attach a soft-bristled brush on to the end of the pole and use the cleaner to scrub off the dirt build up on the inner side tiles of your pool. As part of a swimming pool cleaning service from your Dallas-area pool maintenance company, tile cleaning should be part of your service package so you do not have to worry about this exhausting task.

Other weekly swimming pool cleaning tasks that should be performed include pump cleaning and inspection, chemical testing and adjusting, inspection of the automatic pool cleaner and emptying the bag, empty skimmer and filter baskets, and check the filter pressure and exterior equipment to ensure proper operation. If you have had a pool cleaning service in the past and you were not pleased with their service, look for A Better Pool Service; yes that is our name, because of our personal experience with poor quality service from other companies in the past, we named our self what we are. We’d be glad to take care of all your swimming pool maintenance needs, just give us a call at (214) 347-8016.

Swimming Pool Drain and Wash Services for Your Dallas-Area Home!

Our Dallas Swimming Pool Drain and Wash Services Program

Many homeowners don’t realize that in Dallas – Fort Worth, the water in your swimming pool should be drained and refilled once every 3-5 years. This is due to the build-up of certain chemicals (typically calcium and cyanuric acid), which can only be removed through dilution and complete water replacement.

Call us at (214) 347-8016 or submit a request for a quote to find out whether your pool might be ready for our “drain down” service!

THE PROBLEM: Cyanuric acid is a “stabilizer” that enables the chlorine to stay in your pool longer, and do a better job of sanitizing your pool. It’s one of the chemicals we measure on a regular basis to make sure your pool stays crystal-clear.

However, after a few years, the cyanuric acid will climb above the acceptable range, (typically over 100PPM), and no longer provide a stabilizing effect on your chlorine. If not corrected, your pool will require increasing amounts of chlorine to stay clean. (Ironically, most chlorine contains a small amount of cyanuric acid, which means the more chlorine you add, the worse your problem is going to get.) High cyanuric acid levels can also lead to plaster discoloration, which may require an acid wash or a complete re-plastering of your pool.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we tend to have a problem with water hardness also. As water evaporates from your pool, the calcium is left behind. Every time new water is added, you are adding more calcium to your swimming pool. Eventually, the excess calcium will begin to show up as calcium deposits throughout your pool, visibly on your tile, and completely hidden inside your pool equipment. If left unchecked, these deposits can destroy your pump, filter, heater and other equipment.

THE SOLUTION: Fortunately, this problem is easy to correct. We can conduct a drain down of your pool to get your chemicals back in balance where they’re supposed to be. Our technicians will determine whether a partial or complete drain down is recommended. With our special high-speed pump, the entire process usually takes less than a day.