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With its rolling hills, natural creeks and ideal location next to the 289-acre Heard Wildlife Sanctuary, Fairview offers a different lifestyle than other suburbs in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. While residents enjoy modern amenities like excellent schools and quality health care services, the town’s natural surroundings are its greatest asset. Neighborhoods boast beautiful homes on large lots, and homeowners often enhance their properties with handsome swimming pools and spas. At A Better Pool Service, we provide the Fairview swimming pool cleaning services, repairs and upgrades that it takes to keep pools and spas in Fairview clean, healthy and crystal clear.

Fairview Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Enrolling in a weekly pool cleaning service plan at A Better Pool Service is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure that your pool or spa is ready to enjoy whenever you need some relaxation, exercise or splashing good fun. Everything needed to keep your pool fresh and sparkling is included in our affordable weekly pool maintenance plans. We clean the pool and the surrounding tile and steps, verify that the exterior equipment is operating properly and maintain optimal water circulation by inspecting and cleaning the automatic pool sweep and filters. We test and adjust the water for proper sanitization, and we bring our own chemicals with us, so you don’t have to store them at your Fairview home.

Timely Swimming Pool RepairsSwimming pool Services

A well-designed swimming pool in Fairview is an investment that pays off with years of enjoyment, as long as the pool is properly serviced and maintained. Problems like chemical imbalances, faulty equipment and leaks demand prompt attention, which is why A Better Pool Service provides emergency swimming pool repairs whenever you need them. Whether your pool needs a calculated chemical treatment or a full draining, our pros are up to the task. We also offer swimming pool repairs like tile cleaning, calcium deposit removal and plastering as well as an array of pool remodeling services.

Swimming Pool Upgrades in Fairview

Swimming pool upgrades gives you the opportunity to save money on operating costs, reduce upkeep chores and enhance your enjoyment of your Fairview pool. As a full-service swimming pool maintenance company, A Better Pool Service offers a complete line of the most technologically advanced swimming pool upgrades available today. Cut your operating costs with a variable speed pump, high capacity filter or LED lighting. Enjoy the convenience of an automated pool cleaner you can operate from your smart phone or tablet. Turn your swimming pool area into a center for entertaining with a new deck or upgrade your security with child safety fencing.

Serving the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, A Better Pool Service is committed to providing the highest level of service in Fairview. Every technician on our staff undergoes advanced training to ensure that they’re equipped to handle any job, big or small. From emergency swimming pool repairs to cleanups and acid washes, we’re dedicated to keeping your pool in Fairview operating beautifully and looking great.