Pool services

Safe neighborhoods, good schools, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation are just some of the reasons that Lewisville is such a family-friendly community. The city’s close proximity to attractions like Lake Lewisville and several world-class golf courses adds to its appeal. Many Lewisville residents enhance the time spent with their families with swimming pools that offer hours of active play and relaxation. Before everyone dives into the fun, however, it’s critical to ensure that your pool is safe and clean. With Lewisville pool service from A Better Pool Service, we provide all of the swimming pool cleaning, repairs, and pool maintenance services that you need to keep your pool clean and sparkling.

Top-Quality Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

At A Better Pool Service, our CPO-certified technicians have weekly swimming pool cleaning tasks down to a science. Our professionals skim, vacuum, clean, and chlorinate your pool with the same degree of efficiency and efficacy every week. Our weekly Lewisville pool cleaning services include pool water testing for pH, chlorine levels, alkalinity and hardness, and we make sure that the filters and exterior equipment are operating properly too. We also offer emergency pool cleaning services so that any unexpected problem with faulty equipment doesn’t permanently damage your pool.

Swimming Pool Repairs and Upgrades in Lewisville

Well-maintained pools rarely need swimming pool repairs, but when they do, you can count on the expertise and experience of our skilled technicians for a fast and affordable solution. We’re knowledgeable about all makes and models of pool equipment, and we’ll let you know upfront whether repairing or replacing a part is the most economical option. We’re proud to offer the latest swimming pool upgrades and products too, including automated pool cleaners and high-efficiency pumps. A Better Pool Service is a Lewisville swimming pool maintenance company equipped to meet all of your pool-related needs.

Special Services Available from A Better Pool Service

From drain-and-fill services to a free 44-point system audit, A Better Pool Service also offers a variety of special services. Our ongoing specials include discounts on featured swimming pool upgrades like automatic pool skimmers, and we’re pleased to offer new-customer credits as well. Whether it’s weekly cleaning services, an emergency swimming pool repair, or a swimming pool upgrade that lets you control your pool’s operation from your smart phone, A Better Pool Service is your source for everything you need to ensure that your swimming pool in Lewisville runs smoothly and looks great. Contact us today at (214) 347-8016 or complete our request form for a swimming pool service quote or questions about our services.