Local Pool Services

The phrase “stop and smell the roses” has special meaning in Farmers Branch. An inner-ring suburb of Dallas known for its great schools and safe neighborhoods, Farmers Branch has more than 500 different types of roses planted throughout the city, many of which are showcased in large city gardens. An appreciation for the finer things in life has inspired many homeowners in Farmers Branch to install swimming pools in their backyards too. As a leader in Farmers Branch swimming pool maintenance serving the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, A Better Pool Service is proud to serve the Farmers Branch community with expert swimming pool cleaning services, repairs and upgrades.

Weekly Farmers Branch Pool Cleaning Services

A well-designed swimming pool at your home in Farmers Branch offers you hours of fun-filled activity, but you don’t have to spend hours of your free time to keep it clean and sparkling. A Better Pool Service can take care of every cleaning task for you, so you can relax and enjoy your pool. Enrolling in a weekly swimming pool cleaning plan not only frees you from chores associated with pool maintenance but provides you with an easy way to help prevent future swimming pool repairs too.

During each weekly visit, a professional technician will skim and vacuum your pool for debris, empty the filter and skimmer baskets and brush the tile line clean. Pool water testing is conducted as well, and all exterior equipment is inspected and adjusted to ensure safe and efficient operation. Our weekly swimming pool cleaning services even includes the necessary pool chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about storing them at your home.

Emergency Swimming Pool Repairs and Servicespool-cleaning-dallas

Well-maintained pools offer you years of problem-free enjoyment, but if an emergency situation should arise, you need a swimming pool maintenance company that’s there for you when help is needed. Our CPO-certified technicians have the expertise to address every emergency concern whether it’s an undetected leak, a malfunctioning pump or a broken heater. We understand how quickly the water in a swimming pool can stagnate under the hot Texas sun, and we have the tools, the equipment and the resources that it takes to resolve emergencies quickly.

Swimming Pool Upgrades in Farmers Branch

Thanks to advancements in technology, there more ways to improve your swimming pool experience in Farmers Branch than ever before. From environmentally friendly pool cleaners to energy-efficient pumps and heaters that lower your operating costs, our technicians can provide you with the latest and greatest swimming pool upgrades on the market. For a low-cost addition that eliminates daily surface skimming tasks, ask us about our PoolSkim special. This innovative product uses your return lines to remove floating debris.

For all of your Farmers Branch swimming pool service needs, contact us today at (214) 347-8016.

Whether splashing with the kids on a hot summer day, swimming laps to keep in shape or just soaking in the warm, soothing water, a well-maintained swimming pool enhances the quality of your life at home in Farmers Branch. Let our professional technicians handle the cleaning and maintenance chores for you, so you can enjoy the full benefits of pool ownership. At A Better Pool Service, we’re dedicated to doing our part to ensure that everything keeps coming up roses.