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    Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

    It’s finally spring and time to pull back the cover on your pool. But don’t jump in just yet! Over the winter season, rain, snow and leaves have gotten into the pool and the water pH is probably not ready to welcome bodies just yet. While just getting the cover off may be a lot of work, there’s much more to do, but fear not. A Better Pool Service is here to help with these tips to get your pool ready. First, the Pool Cover Whether mesh or solid, a pool safety cover accomplishes the task of keeping leaves, runoff…>>Read More

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  • How To Pick a Pool Filter

    Behind every picture-perfect gleaming clear swimming pool is a pool filter. Pool filters are so vital that using the wrong one is just as bad as not using one in the first place. This guide covers the types of swimming pool filters, how to determine flow rate and pool capacity, and what to look for in order find the filter that’s right for your pool. Three Kinds of Swimming Pool Filters The basic types of filters include sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. All three of these filters work well when set up and preserved correctly. The…>>Read More

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  • Cleaning Pool After Incliment Weather

    Cleaning Your Pool After Inclement Weather

    When you own a pool, it helps to have general knowledge of and healthy respect for the unpredictability of weather and nature. When storms blow branches, leaves and other debris into your pool, knowing how to handle the situation yourself can be both efficient and cost-effective. Time can sometimes be a concern, as after a storm, you’ll want to prevent algae growth by adding chlorine to the pool as soon as possible. Of course, the pool technicians at A Better Pool Service can restore your pool to its previous glory after any winter storm or other inclement weather. List of…>>Read More

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    Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

    As the season transitions from winter to spring again, now is the perfect time to empty your swimming pool, do maintenance on it and upgrade it for the coming summer months. Because the North Texas area has had such a mild winter, you can already predict that summer will be even hotter than last year. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to upgrade your pool. Get started now to avoid high costs and be able to get the best use out of your pool during what’s sure to be a hot summer. Peel Back the Pool Cover…>>Read More

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    Avoid These Common Pool Care Mistakes

    Relaxing in your pool during a hot summer day, playing water sports with the kids, and inviting friends over for pool parties are just a few of the fun activities your pool provides each year. If you've already had your pool a few seasons, you know it's important to maintain regular swimming pool service and keep up with the pool cleaning each year. However, you might be making some mistakes that are aging your pool too fast and making it more likely you'll require unexpected pool repairs. With the right care, your pool will last decades, but not if you…>>Read More

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