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The landscape of Garland has changed significantly since its founding in 1874, but this northeastern suburb of Dallas hasn’t let urban development get in the way of enjoying life in the great outdoors. The city’s 2,880 acres of parkland spread over 60 parks let residents take full advantage of Garland’s 228 days of sunshine each year. Backyard swimming pools in Garland are popular too, and when it comes to keeping pools clean and sparkling, savvy homeowners turn to the pros at A Better Pool Service for swimming pool cleaning, repairs and upgrades. Our expert services let you enjoy your pool without having to worry about upkeep and maintenance.


Weekly Pool Cleaning Services in Garland

Swimming pools offer many years of enjoyment and relaxation for your family in Garland, but there’s no denying that they require a substantial investment. Regular maintenance is not only the key to ensuring that your swimming pool is clean, safe and healthy but the best way to extend the service life of your pool as well. At A Better Pool Service, our weekly pool maintenance includes skimming and vacuuming the surface for debris, emptying skimmers, filter baskets and pool cleaner bags, cleaning the tile around the pool and inspecting exterior equipment for proper operation.pool service

Our weekly pool maintenance programs also include pool water testing services that verify your pool is chemically balanced, and we provide any needed chemicals too, so you never have to worry about storing them in your Garland home. If you prefer to handle pool cleaning chores yourself, we offer weekly chemicals-only service as well.

Timely Swimming Pool Repairs

A well-maintained swimming pool rarely needs emergency services, but it’s critical to have a dependable swimming pool maintenance company in your list of contacts when you need a swimming pool repair in a hurry. Without timely attention, water that’s just “slightly cloudy” can quickly turn into a full-blown swamp, and even the smallest leak can lead to a flood of problems. A Better Pool Service has the fast response and expert solutions you want when you need an emergency swimming pool repair in Garland whether you need a calculated chemical treatment or a pool draining and refill.

Upgrading Your Garland Swimming Pool


Dallas Area Pool Repairs to Keep Your Pool in Top Shape

A Better Pool Service is your source in Garland for time-saving and energy-stingy swimming pool upgrades too. Upgrade options range from LED lighting that uses up to 86 percent less electricity than standard bulbs to ozonators that can cut the amount of chlorine usage in half. Our swimming pool upgrade specials can save you money too. Be sure to ask us about our discounts on PoolSkim, a product that enables automatic removal of floating debris using your return lines.

Whether you need weekly swimming pool cleaning services or an upgrade that lets you operate your pool remotely from your smart phone, A Better Pool Service is here to help ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your backyard amenity. From child safety fencing to pool and spa renovations, we offer all the services you need to make the most of your outdoor life in Garland.