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Halloween Pool Party Games

With the warm weather, unlike the in the northern areas, Halloween parties in Dallas allow many different and fun activities further than just trick-or-treating for candy, haunted houses and spooking the children with witches and goblins. If you are planning a Halloween party or going to a kid’s Halloween party where the pool is still open and clean, there are some cool and exciting Halloween pool party games that will add to the fun and fright. As your Dallas swimming pool cleaning and maintenance company, A Better Pool Service also recommends that your pool be well maintained prior to having pool party games this Halloween!

Check out these hit Halloween pool party games perfect your “little children” (spooky voice) this year.

  • Swimming Pool Themed Costumes and Costume Contest – If you decide to base your Halloween party around the a pool party theme due the great weather we have here in Dallas, then make a contest out of it. Your little party goers can get creative and choose and create their costume based on swimming. From gold winning Olympian swimmers to diving, lifesaving movie star life guards to mermaid and merman characters from their favorite movies; there are many comic book heroes like Aqua Man that would take any swimming pool Halloween party costume contest. Even if your guests want to dress up in their regular Halloween costumes, just let them know that the pool is open for play and to bring their swimming suits so they will be ready for the other games you have planned.
  • Pumpkin Diving – As a popular and thrilling Halloween pool party game, pumpkin diving is great for kids of all ages. Pick us as many pumpkins as your swimming pool can handle and place them all around your pool. You can make it simple with a small group by just making the winner the one that collects the most pumpkins. For larger groups, you can number the pumpkins with a permanent marker and separate the party into groups; each group that collects their numbered pumpkins first is the group that wins! No matter how you plan the game, pumpkin diving will quickly become an exciting event at your Halloween pool party.
  • Halloween Pool Hunt – Similar to the traditional Easter egg hunt, place colored eggs stuffed with small prizes scattered around your pool and let the kids go Halloween egg hunting. Another way to add some spook to your Halloween pool party games is to use plastic eye balls instead of eggs. The winners that collect the most eggs are the ones that win the prize of the game. However you plan it, the kids will have a blast.

If you’re throwing a Halloween party for kids this year and your Dallas swimming pool maintenance is kept up, make the most of the warm weather we have this season. Change it up this year with a Halloween pool party, and by adding some games to the mix your kid’s party will be a hit with a dash of spook this year. We also have some great ideas for Halloween swimming pool decorations!

Dallas Halloween pool party, Dallas swimming pool maintenance

Halloween Swimming Pool Decorations

Halloween is just a few days away, and if you are planning a party, there are so many ideas for your Dallas Halloween party that you can use for your swimming pool!

In Texas, the weather stays warm enough through October, so there is a good chance you may still have your pool open, and there are some fun ways you can up-do your pool for Halloween. As you plan and gather your Halloween decorations, check out these awesome, spooky Halloween swimming pool decorations and ideas.

  • Halloween Party Pool Dye – Swimming pool dye comes in a lot of great colors, and it’s a fun way to get your party guests in the Halloween spirit! Top color ideas for Halloween consist of bloody red and goblin green. Not to worry, party swimming pool dye is non-toxic and it won’t stain your pool; also, after about a week the dye will filter out and your pool will be back to its beautifully maintained color.
  • Bubbling Pool Water – By adding a little bit of laundry soap to your swimming pool and turning on the pool lights, spikes of bubbles will be at the surface of your pool, which will create a foaming swimming pool effect.
  • Halloween Candles – Illuminate the entire pool patio with as many short, tall and wide candles to create a spooky ambiance to your backyard.
  • Floating Pumpkin Heads – Gather as many plastic pumpkins as you can, just like during the harvest, and illuminate your pool with lit up jack-o-lanterns. Since the candles might tip over or burn out inside the pumpkins, it would be best to use the mini battery powered candle lights. Get them all lit up, and send them floating around the pool; if you have your pump/filter on, they will mysteriously float around your pool during your Dallas Halloween Party.
  • Dry Ice Pool – One of the most popular and simple Halloween party ideas is adding dry ice to your pool to add a frightening scare to your back patio that will impress all of your guests. If you don’t have access to dry ice, you can get a similar effect from a fog machine; either one will do the trick, or treat.
  • Floating Glowing Hands – Freak out all of your guests at your Halloween party this year and add some unique lighting to your swimming pool. Simply get a box of latex or rubber gloves and put a glow stick inside each one; blow up each glove, tie them shut, and put them in the pool. They will look like floating dead hands in a deep, dark pool.

There are many tricks and ideas for spooking out your guests with fun and unique Halloween swimming pool decorations. Remember as you plan your Halloween party in Dallas to be conscious of swimming pool safety for your guests, no matter what age. Also, if you plan to use dry ice, be sure to use all safety precautions while transporting and handling it as well as making sure it is not in arms reach at your party. If you have any other cool and unique Halloween party ideas for your swimming pool in Dallas, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus, and share a pic of your Halloween swimming pool decorations this year!

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Dallas Swimming Pool Cover Options

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance in Dallas and surrounding areas throughout the DFW, A Better Pool Service wants to be your helping hand in every aspect of caring for your pool. As you care for your pool during the off season, it is important to choose the swimming pool upgrade accessories that are right for you, your family and your pool. For many pool owners, it can be complicated to choose the best pool cover to suit your needs; you are likely considering all of the factors such as cost, benefits, size, material, durability and safety. No matter what your concerns are regarding your Dallas swimming pool cover options, we have the information you need to make the best decision for your pool needs.

Swimming Pool Cover Benefits

When it comes to swimming pool covers, safety is one of the most common and most important concerns. Accidental drowning is too common at residential pools; it can happen to anyone of any age, especially with children or even animals. With a swimming pool cover constructed of strong, quality materials you can protect every loved one in your home. Protecting your swimming pool with a cover is always an advantage; because pool covers keep out the light and debris from nature, they help prevent algae from forming and other particles of nature dirtying up the water, which also reduces your swimming pool cleaning expenses during the off season. With energy saving tips at every turn, you can’t leave out the swimming pool cover benefit of energy saving; they conserve water, reduce chemical consumption and reduce time needed to run the cleaning filtration system.

Types of Swimming Pool Covers

While many pool covers appear to be the same or very similar, there are different types available on the market for residential pools. The main two types, pool safety cover and winter pool cover, serve similar needs but are very different for their main purpose.

  • Safety Covers – Pool safety covers are made from woven mesh or solid vinyl material, which are designed to be pulled tightly across your pool (similar to a trampoline) and are secured with straps that are attached to metal anchors installed around you pool. While they do prevent leaves, grass, branches and debris from getting into your pool, a safety pool cover will keep children and pets out of the water; they are designed to safely hold thousands of pounds, which can prevent someone of any size from drowning.
  • Winter Covers – Winter pool covers are designed for protection from weather. The leaves and other debris can’t fall directly into the water, but if it rains these organic materials breakdown and can slowly seep through the cover into the pool causing the water to get dirty. They do block out the sunlight which prevents the buildup of algae, but winter covers can be damaged by tree branches or heavy snow, causing a dirty and expensive clean up. Winter pool covers do cost much less than safety covers, but with the cost of having your winter pool cover removed in the spring and the labor that goes along with it, they can end up costing the same as a pool safety cover which doesn’t require the labor.

From the benefits and advantages of both main types of covers, safety and winter, it may be difficult to decide which one is best for your Dallas pool maintenance needs. Contact A Better Pool Service in Dallas so we can help you; we are here to assist you with all of your pool questions, concerns and needs.

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Smart Pool Automation Upgrades

During the swimming off season, typically from October through March, it is the perfect time to have your pool upgrades installed. Waiting until the last minute in mid to early spring could delay your pool opening and throw off your swimming party schedule. During the fall and winter when your Dallas area pool maintenance crew starts their off season service schedule, they also start working on pool upgrades for pool owners throughout the area by providing the latest and greatest in pool automation technology as well as system upgrades and updates.

Pool Automation Upgrades

With technology at our fingertips that can remotely control our cable and satellite televisions, our vehicles and vehicle maintenance and our thermostat and energy use in our homes, we should be able to remotely control our pool filtration and settings as well. Well, now you can! Whether you have a pool at your residence in Carrollton, Plano, Frisco, or anywhere in the Dallas area, A Better Pool Service can provide pool upgrades that allow you to remotely control your pool system and settings with smartphone pool automation control. If you are hosting a pool party at your home and as you are on your way back from the store, there is no worry that you forgot to turn on the new LED lights or check the chemicals; you can pull up your pool automation app right on your Apple iPhone or Android powered smartphone and turn in on and check the settings. If you chose to add a heat pump as one of your recent pool upgrades, you are not only saving nearly 70 percent in energy costs over gas heaters, but you can also turn on the heat pump remotely from your smartphone when you are away so that your swimming pool is warmed up and ready to jump in by the time you get home.

Smart Pool Upgrades in Dallas

As life gets busier and busier, and more and more expensive, we are all continuously looking for ways to save time and money. The pool industry continues to develop more cost-efficient pool systems and equipment. From variable speed pumps that use 64 percent less electricity than single speed pumps and can keep your pool cleaner than ever before to robotic cleaners that are two times more effective and four times more reliable than older systems to heat pumps that use 68 percent less energy than gas to LED lighting that lasts 10 times longer and saves 86 percent in electricity than old bulbs, as a proud pool owner upgrading your pool in Dallas with the latest technology is a smart way to save time and money. As you consider all the time and cost savings, you shouldn’t be asking yourself why, but you should ask yourself when. The time is now! While the temperature drops and you start getting your pool ready for the off season, have your Dallas pool upgrade experts come out and provide you with all the pool upgrades and options available. All the smart pool upgrades available will not only save you thousands in energy costs, but each one will save you time, especially if you choose the smartphone pool automation upgrades. Get all of your questions answered and free swimming pool upgrades quote today from A Better Pool Service!

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What Type of Pool Heater Should I Get?

Buying a home with a swimming pool or having a swimming pool installed at your home is an added luxury as well as an added expense. Pool maintenance in Dallas, including pool cleaning, pool repair and pool upgrades, require a lot of time and can be expensive. Whether you maintain your pool yourself or you have a Dallas pool service company handle it, you still have the expenses of running your pool filtration system, cleaning system and lighting. If you also have a spa or you like to enjoy the luxury of pool ownership even during the cooler months, swimming pool heaters cost a significant amount to heat up your swimming pool and maintain a warm temperature. Whether you own a pool that was installed many years ago, was recently installed within the last few years or plan to have a brand-new swimming pool installed in the near future, you should consider your pool heater options.

Gas Swimming Pool Heaters

Although there have been other newer technologies in swimming pool heating, gas pool heaters are still a very popular heating option. Gas pool heaters are fueled by natural gas or propane; the newer heater technology has made gas heaters more efficient than ever before. A gas pool heater works with your pool pump; as it circulates the pool water through a copper finned heat exchanger, flames from the burner heat the air in the combustion chamber which warms the pool water as it flows through the multiple copper tube piping. Gas pool heaters heat pool water very quickly, and they are the most efficient when used during short intervals. Overall, they are a practical option for pools that are not used on a regular basis during the cooler months of the year.

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Heat pump technology is used for heating more than just pools, but they do not generate heat the same as gas heaters; they use electricity to move heat around. For pool heating, as the pool pump circulates the water, it is pushed through the heat pump, then the compressor creates a hot gas that flows through the condenser and is circulated through the heater, and finally the heated water is released back into the pool. Some things to consider about heat pump pool heaters is that they require a minimum temperature of 50 degrees to be able to operate, they are also slower at heating the water than gas or solar heaters, and they typically take several days to heat up an average sized in-ground pool.

Both gas pool heaters and heat pump pool heaters have their own advantages and disadvantages, but both should be considered to help you determine which pool heater is best for you and how you use your swimming pool. An added bonus about gas pool heaters is that they can achieve and maintain the desired temperature you want no matter how cold it may get, while heat pump pool heaters require a minimum outdoor and water temperature. As for heat pump pool heaters, they may cost more upfront and to have them installed, but they last much longer than gas heaters and are more efficient so they cost must less in energy costs to operate. If you want a pool heater installed, don’t stress yourself too much with the question “what type of pool heater should I get”, let your Dallas area pool service experts help you make the most educated decision that you will be happy with year after year.

Swimming Pool Upgrade Options

With all the latest technology, there are numerous options and reasons to upgrade your swimming pool. Maybe you’ve had your pool for many years and you want upgrade your backyard oasis with the most up-to-date features and equipment. Perhaps you’ve come across a new pool tile and wish to resurface it, or your lighting has become dull and doesn’t give your pool that bright, glistening sparkle when you go out for a night swim. Or you family has grown since you originally had your swimming pool installed and you are interested in having it remodeled with the most recent security and safety features to protect the little ones in your family. No matter your reason for needing a swimming pool upgrade, a pool remodel will drastically change the appearance of your swimming pool area for the better.

Endless Swimming Pool Upgrade Options

There are a lot of options and equipment that you can add to update it if you haven’t recently had any upgrades done. Consider adding some ambiance to your pool with water features such as pool rock waterfalls, fountains, or water jets. You can also include other features such as a hot tub, fire features, waterslides, or even LED lighting functions. Changing the finish of your pool is the perfect way to make a dramatic modification to your private pool. There are so many selections of finish; whether you pick tile, plaster, aggregates, or even vinyl. When resurfacing your pool’s finish, make sure to focus on essential aspects such as geographic location, how you will use your pool, design elements that match the colors of your house or patio area, and so on.

Pool Safety Updates

Adding security precautions is an important need when updating your pool for a growing family. Including a pool fence or even pool security nets is a must to protect pets and small children. Also, of your pool is out of date, you’ll need to make sure that you pool has the current in anti-entrapment devices to prevent hair, limbs or other body parts from being sucked toward the pool drain. With a remote automation upgrade you can turn on/off your spa, heater, pumps, and lights; monitor and manage chemicals automatically from anywhere, even your cell phone.

Energy Efficient Swimming Pool Equipment

As you update your home appliances to be energy efficient, you might as well upgrade your pool equipment to more energy efficient products like a variable speed pump that uses 64% less electricity to operate than a standard model. Investing in a pool cover can also keep your pool water warmer so you continue to swim during the cooler months, which will save energy costs by not needing to use the heater to warm the pool. Many pool owners are upgrading their pools by getting rid of the harsh, costly chemicals and converting to the natural saltwater swimming pools.

Whether you need swimming pool upgrades for safety reasons, increase efficiency to save operating costs, or take advantage of remote automation technology, A Better Pool Service has all the time-saving upgrades you’re looking for. We can provide an estimate on the products you are interested in and start the installation process as soon possible. Contact us for questions or to schedule and estimate appointment.