Avoid These Common Pool Care Mistakes

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Relaxing in your pool during a hot summer day, playing water sports with the kids, and inviting friends over for pool parties are just a few of the fun activities your pool provides each year. If you’ve already had your pool a few seasons, you know it’s important to maintain regular swimming pool service and keep up with the pool cleaning each year.

However, you might be making some mistakes that are aging your pool too fast and making it more likely you’ll require unexpected pool repairs. With the right care, your pool will last decades, but not if you make the following common mistakes.

1. Not running the pool pump enough

There’s no denying that a backyard swimming pool will increase the cost of your utilities, but there are a variety of ways to reduce your electricity and water costs when you have a pool. However, some pool owners take this idea a little too far and don’t run the swimming pool pump enough.

You might find that your pool is growing more algae than usual. Not running your swimming pool pump as a way to save money could actually result in an increase in the need for pool chemicals. Run your pump about seven or eight hours a day for a clean pool, and call A Better Pool Service if you find your pump isn’t cleaning the pool even when you run it.

2. Population in the pool is too high

Inviting the neighborhood kids over for the afternoon creates a fun and boisterous atmosphere in the backyard, but your pool probably can’t handle big pool parties every day. With each extra swimmer in your pool, you need to use more chemicals to keep the water balanced and clear.

If you’re likely enjoy your pool with friends this season, consider letting your pool service technician know. He or she can help you get the level of chemicals in your pool at the correct level for optimum clarity.

3. Foreign objects frequent your pool water

How many internet videos have you seen and enjoyed of a dog frolicking in a swimming pool like it’s a recreational fishing hole? Although dogs adore the water, and you love seeing the family pet play around in the pool, excessive dog hair is a filter killer.

Even if you’re willing to schedule extra swimming pool cleaning visits to accommodate your swimming pooch, you’ll need to clean your filter and skimmer basket frequently to prevent the eventual destruction of the filter. You may also think about pool upgrades like a sturdier filter if you feel you’re asking too much of your current filter.

4. Improper use of chemicals

If your pool develops a chemical imbalance and you find you need to use an algaecide to clear the water, you’ll need to adjust your chlorine levels to compensate. A good rule of thumb is to increase the chlorine level prior to adding the algaecide so as to maintain enough chlorine post-application.

Pool care mistakes are common because they’re not immediately obvious to the average pool owner. You’ve budgeted the cost of your backyard pool, but don’t forget to budget time to learn about caring for it, too.

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