Halloween Swimming Pool Decorations

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Halloween is just a few days away, and if you are planning a party, there are so many ideas for your Dallas Halloween party that you can use for your swimming pool!

In Texas, the weather stays warm enough through October, so there is a good chance you may still have your pool open, and there are some fun ways you can up-do your pool for Halloween. As you plan and gather your Halloween decorations, check out these awesome, spooky Halloween swimming pool decorations and ideas.

  • Halloween Party Pool Dye – Swimming pool dye comes in a lot of great colors, and it’s a fun way to get your party guests in the Halloween spirit! Top color ideas for Halloween consist of bloody red and goblin green. Not to worry, party swimming pool dye is non-toxic and it won’t stain your pool; also, after about a week the dye will filter out and your pool will be back to its beautifully maintained color.
  • Bubbling Pool Water – By adding a little bit of laundry soap to your swimming pool and turning on the pool lights, spikes of bubbles will be at the surface of your pool, which will create a foaming swimming pool effect.
  • Halloween Candles – Illuminate the entire pool patio with as many short, tall and wide candles to create a spooky ambiance to your backyard.
  • Floating Pumpkin Heads – Gather as many plastic pumpkins as you can, just like during the harvest, and illuminate your pool with lit up jack-o-lanterns. Since the candles might tip over or burn out inside the pumpkins, it would be best to use the mini battery powered candle lights. Get them all lit up, and send them floating around the pool; if you have your pump/filter on, they will mysteriously float around your pool during your Dallas Halloween Party.
  • Dry Ice Pool – One of the most popular and simple Halloween party ideas is adding dry ice to your pool to add a frightening scare to your back patio that will impress all of your guests. If you don’t have access to dry ice, you can get a similar effect from a fog machine; either one will do the trick, or treat.
  • Floating Glowing Hands – Freak out all of your guests at your Halloween party this year and add some unique lighting to your swimming pool. Simply get a box of latex or rubber gloves and put a glow stick inside each one; blow up each glove, tie them shut, and put them in the pool. They will look like floating dead hands in a deep, dark pool.

There are many tricks and ideas for spooking out your guests with fun and unique Halloween swimming pool decorations. Remember as you plan your Halloween party in Dallas to be conscious of swimming pool safety for your guests, no matter what age. Also, if you plan to use dry ice, be sure to use all safety precautions while transporting and handling it as well as making sure it is not in arms reach at your party. If you have any other cool and unique Halloween party ideas for your swimming pool in Dallas, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus, and share a pic of your Halloween swimming pool decorations this year!

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