How Often Should I Have My Pool Cleaned?

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As a homeowner with a swimming pool, you understand the need for a clean pool, and you have probably asked yourself many times, how often should I have my pool cleaned? A clear sparkling blue pool definitely looks much better than a pool that is cloudy, has debris floating around, or even smells bad. With regular swimming pool cleaning and service from a professional pool maintenance company, you will enjoy and pristine pool year-round.

For pool owners in the Dallas area, it is recommended to have your swimming pool cleaning service performed on a weekly basis. Having your cleaning performed weekly keeps your pool safe, clean, and properly functioning. It can also help prevent future repairs which could be very costly. A pool that is not cleaned regularly can also be a health hazard; to keep your friends and family safe you pool must be cleaned properly and during that cleaning, a pool cleaning provider, like A Better Pool Service, will check the chemical levels and pH balance to make sure they are balanced for healthy swimming.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Vacuuming

Residential pools often gather dust, dirt, chemical deposits, and solid fragments blown over by strong wind. Specifically, if your home and pool area is surrounded by a lot of trees, you will see rotten or dry leaves collecting on the floor of the pool. To remove the regular buildup of dust, dirt, and fallen leaves or fragments, a high-powered pool vacuum cleaner will need to be used during your pool cleaning service. Often, brand-new vacuum cleaners end up being a source of the problem to owners, however with service from pool cleaning company, you will receive professional grade vacuuming of your pool on a regular basis, which will keep it sparkling and looking new.

Cleaning the Tile Around your Pool

You probably notice dirt, grime, and calcium deposits build up at the water line around your pool. As this happens, it is good to clean the tile surfaces all around your pool with a gentle cleaner. To do this yourself, you can attach a soft-bristled brush on to the end of the pole and use the cleaner to scrub off the dirt build up on the inner side tiles of your pool. As part of a swimming pool cleaning service from your Dallas-area pool maintenance company, tile cleaning should be part of your service package so you do not have to worry about this exhausting task.

Other weekly swimming pool cleaning tasks that should be performed include pump cleaning and inspection, chemical testing and adjusting, inspection of the automatic pool cleaner and emptying the bag, empty skimmer and filter baskets, and check the filter pressure and exterior equipment to ensure proper operation. If you have had a pool cleaning service in the past and you were not pleased with their service, look for A Better Pool Service; yes that is our name, because of our personal experience with poor quality service from other companies in the past, we named our self what we are. We’d be glad to take care of all your swimming pool maintenance needs, just give us a call at (214) 347-8016.

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