Swimming Pool Upgrades & Maintenance Tips For Winter

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The winter season is a popular time of the year for home maintenance, repairs and upgrades that you might not have had time for during the busy summer months. If you have a swimming pool at you home, it is likely you are not using it when it during the winter chill.

You may already know that it is important to keep up with the maintenance for your pool; you may also want to consider the possible swimming pool upgrades that you and your pool will benefit from.

Maintenance & Upgrades-Pool Pumps and Motors

The pumps and motors that are installed for your pool are designed to function all throughout the year. Often, pool owners use the timers on the motor and pump equipment that shuts down the pool for the off season, but completely turning off your pool can cause the equipment to be repaired before it can be started back up for the spring and summer. Also, outdoor environment factors, cold outdoor temperatures and sunlight begin to take a toll on pool plumbing equipment when it is shut off; this can also lead to fluctuation of chemical balances within the equipment and the pool, which can cause the pool finish and fixtures to be affected by the poor water quality.swimming pool maintenance, Dallas swimming pool winterizing, pool service

If your pool plumbing, including pumps and motors, is in need of repair, the winter off season is the prime time to have the service done so your pool is ready for the swimming season. There are also multiple new advancements in pool plumbing equipment upgrades available that you could also take advantage of when performing maintenance and repairs on your equipment.

Swimming Pool Covers For Winter Pool Maintenance

When performing winter pool maintenance, and if you choose to shut down your pool for the off season, a pool cover is an important accessory that can protect your investment.

  • Solid Pool Cover – The best cover option that minimizes pool maintenance costs is upgrading to a solid safety cover. These types of pool covers help with the winter pool maintenance and protection including winter-proofing equipment, shutting down the motor and pump, balance the pool water, chemical pool treatment using an algaecide and using a reasonable amount of chlorine in the pool so that is remains in the water until it is time to re-open.
  • pool coversSafety Pool Cover – Pool safety is top on your list, especially if you have children or pets; therefore, a pool safety cover is more than a pool upgrade – it’s an investment! Because safety covers don’t typically protect and seal up the pool, your pool maintenance during the off season will consist of more work compared to a solid cover.

Popular Swimming Pool Upgrades For The Winter

If you are ready to upgrade your pool with some of the latest pool technology, the winter time is the best time to get it done!

Pool automation upgrades are a great way to enhance your pool operation with remote controlled pool filtration settings. Other smart pool upgrades help you save big bucks in energy costs with high-efficient pool equipment and the even more popular multi-colored LED lighting options!

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